Cynergy Scholarship

Cynergy Scholarship


At Cynergy we offer selected employees 100% Tuition Paid Scholarships in their education to advance licensing.

At Cynergy Mechanical we believe in the advancement of our employees and creating a work environment that is in support of continuing education. In 2015 we launched our Cynergy Scholarship Program to realize our goal of growing the business by leveraging the best and brightest minds and providing a work environment that rewards hard work with more opportunities. We currently have three participants in the program who were awarded the money to further their education and training. Candidates are selected by their peers and Manager. Then Cynergy President, Gerald McCann, presents them with the Award. Through the Canadian Government Job Grant along with capital from Cynergy, we offer 100% free education to our workers in the advancement of their licensing for the trades. Congratulations to our first recipients!

“A huge asset to the business is the people who go out there every day and ensure our customer sites are working, being maintained, and/or retrofitted to the Cynergy standard, the highest standard. Skilled and licensed tradespeople are critical and as these bright minds move ahead in their career, it allows us to hire on and train new talent.” Gerald McCann

Look for pictures of our Grads from this program – coming soon!