What Our Customers are Saying…


Quality of Mych’s Work

A tenant stopped me in the hallway today to discuss the quality of Mych’s work yesterday in 907. He called Mych a real professional and praised the good work done in his bathroom. Please pass our appreciation along to Mych.


We were navigating a lot this past weekend, most especially the gruesome weather. About 12 power outages for us from 11pm last night onward. No wonder the HVAC went kaput. So dangerous for all of you Cynergy guys on top of treacherous rooftops. Thank you, Dan, for coming in at 6 on Sunday and going on that roof. Vlad was up there for a long time today, but worked his magic. Tonight we are warm and cozy, thanks to him. I was really concerned about the residents’ well being, but he came through! You guys are the best!


Mechanical Solutions

Cynergy Mechanical offers solutions to our building mechanicals that are both innovative and cost effective. When we’ve needed to keep our buildings operational through retrofits, new equipment installations, and critical break downs, Cynergy has been there to orchestrate a solution that is on time and on budget. In addition, Cynergy has the expertise to identify and coordinate all the rebates available. This means we not only get competitive pricing, we’ve also gotten money back where there are programs like Saveonenergy. Their team of experts continues to impress with each project and we know we can rely on Cynergy to get us the best solution in market.

Anthony P., Senior Purchasing & Maintenance Manager


Energy Management

Cynergy Mechanical has been a valued partner of our organization for over 10 years. They have been integral in designing and delivering cost containing energy management solutions that save time, money and increase the value of our residential building portfolios over the long term. Cynergy is highly effective and continues to impress by conducting construction and capital retrofit work that is completed on time and on budget for our property management team.

Don Stoyanovich, VP Property Standards & Construction


Mechanical Services/ Preventative Maintenance

I have been a property manager with Realstar for over five years. Cynergy has been my service provider for all five years and they’ve taken care of three different properties for us. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with the professionalism and level of service that is provided every time your workers come to take care of either a problem or monthly maintenance. Four of your mechanics were all here in the last 2 months and their friendly and respectful work ethic shone through.

Deborah, Property Manager & Cynergy customer for 5 years



Our property is an outlying property in the GTA and when I got to the building there was a very big water issue. I can recall that first year, Cynergy was out at the property regularly fixing all the plumbing issues. They fixed it properly and promptly. Their crew and tradespeople are always pleasant, knowledgeable, and available to answer any of my questions about the service and the status of the fix. With Cynergy the mechanics trouble shoot effectively and efficiently and get it fixed right the first time. No one wants or needs water issues but I always feel confident when I call Cynergy. They’re available 24/7, a GREAT thing when you have a water issue or any issue.

Paul, Property Supervisor in the GTA & loyal Cynergy customer since 2010


Preventative Maintenance / $$ Savings

Cynergy Mechanical helps us understand the value and importance of our “preventative maintenance dollar”. Keeping our buildings operational, energy efficient and sustainable over the long term through proper planned maintenance is an essential component to our business model and overall tenant satisfaction. I am proud to be associated with Cynergy’s excellent team of dedicated, proactive service technicians which have been servicing our properties for over 10 years and providing peace of mind for our residents, each and every one of those days.

John Lago, President



We provide quality and reliable mechanical, plumbing, retrofitting, HVAC services and more for clients in Toronto, the GTA, St. Catharines, and the surrounding areas of Ontario!