Heating System

Heating System

Let us help you make your heating system more efficient to save energy, control costs, increase the value of your building, and much more.

Heating SystemHeating Systems – You may have noticed that in most cases, it costs less to air condition your building than it does to heat it. That is why having an efficient heating system is so important. Roughly half of all buildings today are operating at less than 60 percent efficiency. Is yours one of them? If so, here at Cynergy Mechanical Ltd., we can help. Our top priority is efficiency and sustainability, so you can experience lower heating costs and lower heating system maintenance expenses.

You might wonder why so much attention to the heating system is needed. Part of the answer lies in how much temperature change is involved. In the summer, there is roughly a 10-degree difference between the comfortable 20° C and the outdoor 30° C. In the winter, it is much different. Trying to warm a building from -5° C to the mid-20s involves a 25-degree difference – more than twice that of the summer. This equates to double and sometimes triple the cost of operating a heating system than the air conditioning. Of course, other factors come into consideration, as well, such as the efficiency of your heating system, and that is where we come in.

We can help you by making your current heating system more efficient or retrofitting your building with newer technology to improve efficiency and control costs. The decision as to which of these choices is the best for you will come when you have all the relevant information. We give you a clear picture of both scenarios, so you can decide which makes the most sense in your particular situation. We are experienced with all types of commercial buildings, including industrial and apartment buildings. Contact us today to learn how we can help you save energy, control costs, increase the value of your building, and optimize living and working environments.

Heating System in Etobicoke, ON