Air Conditioning and Keeping Your Cool

Air Conditioning and Keeping Your Cool

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Blog

air conditioningAir conditioning is more than a window unit or a series of duct work or a component of a larger HVAC system. Air conditioning has made many places on Earth not only habitable but comfortable in the past century. As a luxury we often take for granted, any loss of air conditioning service poses significant challenges. Here are 7 important things to remember about your air conditioning system:

  1. Set your thermostat as high as is comfortable during the summer months. This reduces stress on the unit or system as well as your energy bill.
  2. Keep windows and doors closed to reduce the interchange between warm and humid exterior air and the cooler, drier interior air.
  3. If your area is very humid during the summer, using a dehumidifier separate from a dedicated air conditioning or HVAC system can increase the load on the latter system.
  4. Windows that face the east or west benefit significantly from blinds or exterior shades, as these reduce the solar energy that enters the building.
  5. Covering south-facing windows by means of curtains or shades can also reduce solar heat gain, although permanent shading is not recommended as it would interfere with passive heating during the winter months.
  6. Make sure that your AC or HVAC unit is properly sized for your building. Work with a trained professional in event of a new installation or repair to make sure you’re getting the most efficient and best air conditioning for your money.
  7. Older units often use more energy less efficiently. Newer units can provide cost savings over time by using less energy to cool as well, or better than, older systems.

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