Commercial HVAC Systems: How Do They Work?

Commercial HVAC Systems: How Do They Work?

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Blog

HVAC Systems in Etobicoke, ONThe main purpose of the commercial HVAC system in your building is to provide you and your employees with a comfortable place to work. Although commercial HVAC systems are relatively complex, gaining a better understanding of how they work may benefit you in case something ever goes wrong with your heating system.

Basic Parts

Commercial HVAC systems are comprised of a variety of different parts. The parts in your system may include:

  • Fans to circulate the supply of air and the return air
  • Supply air ductwork that the heated air flows through from the fans
  • Air devices, like inlets and outlets
  • Filtering sections that remove dirt and dust particles from the air within the system
  • An auxiliary heating device, such as a natural gas heating furnace or electric heating element
  • Controls that start, stop, and regulate the flow of air

Although there are many more parts contained within your building’s heating system, they all work together to effectively warm your building’s air when it is cold outside.

The Heating Process

When you turn on your heating system, combustion gases are generated by the burners included in the system and then moved into a heat exchanger. Air from within your building is then blown across the heat exchanger, where it is warmed. It is then transported through a series of ducts to warm your entire building.

At Cynergy Mechanical Ltd., we have a comprehensive understanding of the parts included in commercial HVAC systems and how they work, and we will use this knowledge to effectively service and maintain your heating system.

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