How to Save $$$ When the Weather Strikes – Natural Gas Connected Generators

How to Save $$$ When the Weather Strikes – Natural Gas Connected Generators

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Article featured in Building Blogs Magazine – August 2015 Issue

As we leave the summer months and gear up for the heating season, remember to protect your buildings mission critical mechanicals in times of power outage.   It’s become a reality that the winter weather is harsher and more unpredictable with some saying a new ice age is coming. Combine that unpredictability with an aging electricity grid and the result has been power outages that last longer and are more devastating. While many aging buildings in the GTA have generators, these generators are older and not connected to a continuous natural gas source.

We are constantly investigating new solutions for our customers.   After attending a seminar on generators and seeing the new technology available, combined with what can happen when a buildings essential mechanical systems are NOT on for protracted periods of time, I am an instant convert for natural gas generators! The savings and low capital investment were just too compelling. Features such as auto-on and remote control & maintenance make these solutions a must in any building.

Natural gas generator advantages:

✔   less expensive solution to diesel

✔  auto-on

✔  always ‘on’ no refuelling

✔  no spillage issues

✔  no storage of diesel

✔  no spoilage or odour

✔  less maintenance

Being in mechanical service and maintenance means we need to keep up to date with new technologies, technologies that save our clients money and extend the life of their critical building systems – like heating and cooling. We do that through installation, service and maintenance, and even consulting with building owners to explore new ways for them to save, and generators fit the bill. These solutions provide a building a system that can span managed loads or essential mechanicals for any type of building be it residential apartment or industrial/commercial space.   You can get a generator that is sized for a specific solution, one that is sized so it can maintain mission critical mechanicals (DHW, Boilers, Chillers, etc) to avoid huge insurance claims.

If you don’t have a natural gas connected generator you expose your buildings to lost power damages that cost you money. Add to that the cost to relocate tenants and claims filed by tenants and you could be in for a seven-figure bill.

FACT: Since 2013 Canada has experienced a record number of power outages and those outages are lasting significantly longer in duration and severity.

Lost power means:

   Lost revenue/refunds by protracted power outages

   Potentially catastrophic failure of building systems

✔  Piping and flooding

✔  Loss of heating and cooling systems

✔  Water system failure & significant water flow issues

   Exposure to large insurance claims

   Tenant dissatisfaction, claims, & complaints

   Damaged reputation

Standby natural gas connected generators offer comfort and protection for every building. Power outages are nothing new and have become more frequent in the last 3 years with protracted outages lasting days and even weeks. Make sure your building is protected with an uninterrupted natural gas backup power generator solution.  You may also save money on your insurance because you can demonstrate your essential building services will be protected for the duration of longer power outages.


Case Study

A retirement home lost power on December 23rd in 2013.   Because of no heat and no hot water, hundreds of residents had to be relocated. Overtime costs to fix, plus relocation of the residents plus managing the relatives, was extremely time consuming and costly. Then the overtime on Christmas day to ensure the heat was up to temperature before our client could start transporting tenants back to the building meant the costs kept adding up. In the end the insurance costs plus tenant costs were enormous to say nothing of the ongoing reputation damage and continued repairs needed. It also increased insurance premiums at the residence.


Never lose power again with automatic ON, STAY ON, POWER. Get uninterrupted comfort for your tenants, with Cynergy Power Protection Services.

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