Red Tag Warnings and Your Safety

Red Tag Warnings and Your Safety

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Blog

Red Tag WarningsRed tag warnings” on any furnace or hot water heater are a sign that the appliance in question is no longer safely able to perform its function. The type of tag and the appliance in question are both important to understand the severity of the problem, the responsibilities of the property owner, and how to best respond to a red tag warning being placed on any appliance in your home or business.

There are two levels of red tag warnings. Type B red tags are the less severe of the two and are triggered when a licensed technician or other professional identifies an issue that requires replacement or repair within 45 days. Technicians are mandated by law to inform both the customer and the local utility company when a tag of this type is placed. If at the end of the 45-day period, the device has not been repaired and the utility company notified, they will shut off the gas supply to the device and/or property. Type A red tag warnings signify that there is an immediate and serious potential or active carbon monoxide leak. Because of the degree of danger this leak can pose to health and safety, Type A red tag warnings lead to the natural gas feeding the defective device to be turned off immediately.

A licensed contractor, such as those working for us at Cynergy Mechanical Ltd., can help you identify the possibility of repair for your furnace or hot water heater or assist you in choosing and installing the replacement following a red tag warning. With many years of experience helping customers in Etobicoke and the Greater Toronto Area, we have the skills, the knowledge, and the tools to help you solve all of your mechanical system needs.

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