We Can Solve All of Your Heating Problems

We Can Solve All of Your Heating Problems

Posted by on Oct 16, 2017 in Blog

heating problems Are you having heating problems at your home or business? Or maybe your heating system does not seem to be as effective as it once was.   If you have any of the following problems, it is probably a good idea to call in the professionals at Cynergy Mechanical Ltd.:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat.  A thermostat that does not work properly definitely contributes to heating problems.  This does not only affect the temperature levels, but the fan levels, as well.  If the fan is not blowing, it is hard for the desired temperature to be reached.
  • Noisy furnace.  Is your furnace louder than usual?  Does it make strange noises?  If the answer is yes, it probably indicates you have heating problems.
  • Clogged or dirty air filters.  If your filters are not replaced on a regular basis, it can cause your furnace to become clogged. Dirty or clogged filters can also limit the amount of airflow going through your furnace, making your furnace work harder.
  • Brrrrrrrr! This is the biggest indication you have a heating problem. If you feel like your furnace is not heating the space enough or if it is not heating at all, this is the best indicator your furnace needs to be repaired.

If you are experiencing any of these heating problems, call us a Cynergy Mechanical Ltd. today.  Our team of experienced professionals can diagnose your problem quickly and efficiently.  We will get your problem fixed in a timely manner, so your home or business can be warm and comfortable again.

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