Your Thermostat: Key to Your HVAC System’s Heart

Your Thermostat: Key to Your HVAC System’s Heart

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Blog

thermostatThere have been many advances in HVAC systems and in building automation systems in the past twenty years. Communication between devices, self-assessment, monitoring systems, and connection to interfaces, locally and across the Internet, have made many of these systems easy to modify or view from anywhere on the planet. One essential component to these systems is the simple yet mighty thermostat.

Through centuries of innovation and development, the thermostat has stayed true to its original intention: to indicate and regulate a desired temperature. In the body of HVAC, the thermostat is the brain. Without it, no system is aware of the temperature and therefore cannot tell if it should be operating or not. Older systems utilized a simple bimetallic setup that allowed the system to heat or cool to achieve the desired temperature. Modern development has allowed newer systems to be programmable to a variety of different situations depending on the expected occupancy, time of day, and other factors. The right combination of zone control and programmed HVAC operation depends largely on the specific needs of the building and those using it.

Cynergy Mechanical began as a family business over twenty years ago. Our goal is to help you get the most use from your building with the least cost. Key to this is maximizing on the already-offered government energy savings programs that allow you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your building maintenance budgets. We are able to install or service HVAC systems, plumbing and water treatment systems, and a wide variety of other building-related systems. Our focus on efficiency in your business will keep your costs down, increase the lifespan and reliability of your machinery, and give you the peace of mind you need, so you can go out and focus on the specific needs of your business and your clients.

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