Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Preventative Maintenance Solutions

maintenance servicesPreventative Maintenance Solutions – At Cynergy Mechanical, we understand and respect the value of your HVAC equipment investment and the importance of keeping it up and running to the maximum efficiency.

A strong Preventative Maintenance Program isn’t just an option: It’s a MUST!

Benefits of a consistent properly planned maintenance program:

Investment Protection – From the date you install your mechanical equipment a Preventative Maintenance program must be adhered to if you expect to have all manufacturers warranties honoured and the peace of mind that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently. 

Reduced Risk – No one likes surprises especially when we are talking about heating, cooling or hot water. With a comprehensive Cynergy Mechanical Preventative Maintenance program, costly unexpected breakdowns are drastically reduced and in most circumstances completely eliminated. 

Peace of Mind – With our computer generated scheduling system not only are all inspections and maintenance service dates guaranteed, we also ensure that all equipment is calibrated and set to the agreed upon specifications for your individual location. 

Saving you Time and Money – With a customized on-going Preventative Maintenance program your location repairs are completed by a qualified Cynergy Mechanical technician only when they have been agreed to and approved by on–site personnel… not when the equipment fails and an expensive emergency service repair is your only option. 

Increased Tenant Satisfaction – As your trusted advisor, Cynergy Mechanical will help you reach your goals of increased tenant satisfaction and retention by continually providing optimum mechanical services and long lasting efficiency solutions.

Our Team would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about a Preventative Maintenance Program designed to meet your needs and budget.


At Cynergy Mechanical Ltd., we offer high-quality preventative maintenance solutions in Toronto, the GTA, St. Catharines, and surrounding areas of Ontario.