How much are you spending to service and maintain your buildings mechanicals and plumbing?

If you want to reduce your costs and save money, you need to make sure your units are running efficiently.

Let Cynergy Mechanical Ltd. help you save! Use the calculator below to determine how much you might save with the Cynergy Mechanical Ltd. Variable Rate System!

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We work with various organizations and provide upgrades and improvements that give our customers long-lasting, economical heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions.

We use equipment that is energy-efficient

Save $$$ on your natural gas and hydro bill

We can handle all government and incentive rebates!

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*We know these are estimated numbers but are in fact based on real customer analysis Cynergy has done. It should not be taken as actual savings you could realize. We don’t know what you’ll save. Your numbers WILL be different. Call us and find out what those numbers really are! You have nothing to lose and money to gain.

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